About Caroline Jackson Marriage Celebrant

Caroline Jackson Tamborine Mountain Wedding Celebrant with a happy couple on their Perfect Wedding Day

Hello, I am Caroline Jackson Marriage Celebrant. As a Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant, I am the preferred marriage celebrant on Tamborine Mountain. It is my pleasure and my full-time business to help you plan your wedding ceremony to ensure your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life whether you are getting married on Tamborine Mountain or getting married on the Gold Coast.

It is my great pleasure to officiate for Civil Marriage, Renewal of Wedding Vows, Commitment Ceremonies, and also non-religious funeral services. I help you to personalise the ceremony and include many memorable and culturally enriching words and acts that have special meaning for you and those you love for your unique ceremony.

My Experience

I have a lifetime of experience of working in both the UK and Australia and I became a naturalised citizen in 1985.  Working with people from all around the world in the hair and beauty industries has given me a wealth of experience. This is the experience I bring to you in my role as a celebrant to help you plan a beautiful and unique wedding and build memories that will last a lifetime.

As a celebrant for over twenty years I have officiated at hundreds of ceremonies. 

I was a past president of the Alliance of Celebrants Queensland, Queensland’s largest celebrants association and also a past board member of CoCA (The Coalition of Celebrant Associations). CoCA is a group formally recognised and acknowledged by the Attorney-General and the AGD as the most influential body for marriage celebrant associations.

I look forward to helping you plan your special wedding day.

Caroline Jackson Tamborine Mountain Marriage Celebrant marries a happy couple on their Perfect Wedding Day
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