Funeral Ceremony


Love doesn’t end with dying
Or leave with the last breath.
For someone you have loved dearly,
Love goes on forever


Funeral CeremonySaying good bye to someone you love is never easy so a personal funeral ceremony for a close friend or family member can be a lovely way to say good bye.

Should a funeral ceremony be sad? I don’t think so, it should be a celebration of the life that has been, however old or young or how someone's life has ended.

After the loss of a loved one you will go though many stages of grief,  I belive in listening to people and have been trained to assist those, who are going through such emotional time in their lives.

I conduct a non religious ceremony which is personalised in a way that you and your loved ones are comfortable with and which truly reflects the individuality of the deceased. I will work closely with you and your family members and you and they may even like to take part in the ceremony.

If you would like me to perform a ceremony for you, you can contact me direct, or have your funeral director contact me with your plans, including the date and time of the funeral and where it will take place.

A funeral ceremony should be a happy event, as it is a celebration of life, and how that life impacted on the lives of others.