Getting Married in Australia – The Required Documents and Procedures

Becoming engaged starts the planning phase to ensure that your wedding day is not only memorable but also completes the legal requirements as required by the Australian Government. The information provided is a guide to the procedures for couples getting married in Australia.

Couples should discuss with Authorised Marriage Celebrants or Ministers of Religion about their own individual requirements to complete the Legal Paperwork.

Once You Have Chosen Your Celebrant

Most celebrants require a Booking Fee to be paid to confirm your wedding date, time of ceremony and wedding location which allows them to start working towards marrying you. The service provided by a celebrant is divided into two parts:

  • Part A- Legal Documentation & Registration of Your Marriage
  • Part B- Design and Delivery of your Wedding Ceremony. Your Celebrant will discuss this section with you.

Legal Documentation & Registration of Your Marriage

Ideally the legal paperwork should start at the first meeting after confirmation of your booking.

As Identity Fraud is a major issue, authorised celebrants are required to ensure that the identity of the marrying couple is correct and true, you will be asked to produce certain legal documents to prove your identity.

It is important to realise that these documents must be originals and NOT Certified Copies. All couples planning to marry are advised to obtain their original documents. All Couples wishing to marry need to produce originals of their Birth Certificates or passports, if previously married a Death certificate or Divorce Certificate of previous spouse.

In the extraordinary case that the documents cannot be obtained, your celebrant will ask for a Commonwealth Statuary Declaration.

NB: Marriage in Australia is defined according to law. Prospective marrying couples must understand that is against the law to make false statements on the legal documentation re marriage. This includes using illegal documentation for the purpose of getting married.