Wedding Ceremony

Congratulations! You’ve decided to marry. Your Ceremony of Marriage is your opportunity to share with family and friends your love and commitment to each other in a way that is meaningful to you both. It is important that your wedding ceremony reflects your personalities and your values.

As a full time, Commonwealth Registered Marriage Celebrant, my aim is to give you the ceremony which both your family and friends will love, and talk about for years to come, as the best wedding that they have ever been too.

I offer all couples a one hundred page plus, ceremony guide which will help you make your choices or may inspire you to create your own ceremony. I have a large selection of readings to choose from and my job is to listen to what you both want and make your special day a memory that will last a lifetime. We will work closely together to ensure that your ceremony is what you want.

I am a full time Authorised Marriage Celebrant and I live on beautiful Tamborine Mountain. Tamborine Mountain has become the premiere wedding destination in Southeast Queensland with a wonderful choice of wedding and reception venues. I perform ceremonies from Brisbane to the Gold Coast but am especially delighted to officiate at weddings on the Mountain.

I have had a lifetime of experience working with people from all around the world, from different cultures and with different beliefs. I believe that this experience gives me the skills that make my job so enjoyable

First Appoinment

Planning the perfect ceremony is as simple as choosing the right celebrant. The first step is to meet so that we can discuss your requirements. I can fit in around your schedule to meet and have a chat.  There is no charge for the initial consultation!

You are welcome to meet me any place that feels comfortable to you. It be in your home, my home, or your favourite coffee shop.

What to Bring to Our First Appointment

  • ESSENTIAL: The Notice Of Intended Marriage (NOIM).  This needs to be completed between one and 18 months before of the wedding.
  • Your original Birth Certificate or Passport.  You can get your original Birth Certificate from Births Deaths and Marriages (BDM) in the state where you were born
  • Proof of identity, for example, an Australian passport, overseas passport, or a driver’s licence
  • If either of you have been married previously, I will need your BDM issued Marriage Certificate, and a Federal Magistrates Court Certificate of Divorce.  You can get this from the Family Court in the state where you were divorced
  • If either of you have been widowed, I will need a copy of the Death Certificate of your deceased spouse

Please note:

  • All documents provided in a foreign language must be translated into English and have a Translation Certificate supplied
  • All documents must be originals and not photocopies or certified copies

My Fee Includes:

  • All meetings will be at my residence or a place to be agreed
  • Your Wedding Information Package
  • A personally written ceremony and vows of your choice
  • Provision of bound copy of the wedding ceremony as a keepsake
  • Your Marriage Certificate on the day (government approved Form 15)
  • Completion of all legal paperwork where required (Inc NOIM and Declaration) and lodging paperwork, with Births, Deaths and Marriages to register the marriage within 14 days of the date the marriage is solemnised
  • All time and travelling costs on the day of wedding unless the travelling time is over one hour from my home on Tamborine Mountain
  • Provision of PA system and microphone to ensure that the wedding is audible
  • A rehearsal at the venue
  • Wearing clothes that fit in with the theme of the wedding if requested
  • Bluetooth connection for your phone
  • A Name Change Kit
  • Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

I have many years of experience in wedding services and can offer suggestions to help with the wedding planning so your special day runs smoothly.

Wedding Prices

Regardless of wedding size or location, Caroline gives you the same exceptional service.

Wedding Warming of the Rings Ceremony

Personalised Ceremony


Weekday (Monday-Thursday) Ceremony


Travel more than 1 hour from Tamborine Mountain

$55 per 1/2 hour

Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Your day will be unique and memorable whether it is a small and intimate wedding ceremony or a grand event.

Your marriage ceremony may be a simple traditional service, or you may like to include one of the follwing rituals in your special wedding ceremony.

Handfasting Ceremony

The term “Handfasting” is taken from Old Norse “hand-festa” meaning “to strike a bargain by joining hands”.

Handfasting is a tradition where a couple ties their hands together with a cord, rope, ribbons, a scarf, or strips of fabric in a tartan design. This tradition signifies the couple’s coming together as “one”.   Or to keep the bride or groom from running away!

It has become a popular way for today’s couples who are seeking new and spiritual ways to honour their love.

Wedding Hand Fasting Ceremony
Love Lock Ceremony

Love Lock Ceremony

The Love Lock Ceremony is of Chinese origin and no one knows how or when this ancient custom began.

It symbolizes opening your hearts and lives to one another. Your partner is the key that has made this love possible. In your wedding, the love is fastened in absolute eternal unity with two locks and two keys.

The Rose Ceremony

In the Rose Ceremony, the Bride and Groom give each other a single red rose bud. This is to symbolise the first gift to each other, as husband and wife.

The Rose Ceremony is performed at the end of the wedding ceremony after the couple has been pronounced husband and wife.

The Wedding Rose Ceremony
Wedding Unity Candle Ceremony

Unity Candle

The unity candle ceremony symbolises the very essence of the wedding ceremony.

Two taper candles represent the couple as individuals. They light a single centre candle as a visible symbol of their commitment to each other.

Warming of the Rings

With a warming of the rings in your ceremony, the rings will not only be a gift from the bride and the groom to each other, everyone in attendance is also part of the love and support the couple shares.

The rings are passed between all the guests. As each guest momentarily holds the rings they give their personal blessing upon the rings. The rings are then exchanged by the couple.

Wedding Warming of the Rings Ceremony
Wedding Unity of Sand Ceremony

The Sand Ceremony

One of the most popular wedding traditions today is the Sand Ceremony. You can personalize wedding vases with names, dates, monograms, and logos using sand. The Sand Ceremony is often used in place of the traditional candle ceremony.

The ceremony symbolises the uniting of the bride and groom. After exchanging rings, the celebrant explains the meaning of the sand ceremony. Two vials of sand (usually different colors) represent the two separate lives of the bride and groom. They then come together and pour the contents of the two individual vials of sand into one vial.

The flowing together of the sand symbolises the joining of the couple.  It is the first experience of unity as a couple. The intertwined pattern of sand created by the couple is then a keepsake of the wedding.